Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Secrets of Heaven - new free game

It's time to play as Smoke and explore a dystopian reality populated with amazingly gorgeous girls - Heaven, Sin and Justice.

What can you expect? Four endings, highly interactive adventure gameplay, unique story full of secrets and action placed in the future.

Game is available for you here:

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July update

Hello everybody. Right now we're in the middle of the summer and for the most of us it's time for holiday trips and lazy moments on the beach sun tanning. But don't worry - games are our priority and we work almost full speed over new and exciting projects.

Free games

Probably this month we will launch sci-fi project. All visuals, interface and texts are already done - currently on-hold cause of the LWT expansion development but I guess that around 15th of July I'll back for this project for a couple of days.

Divided heart - couple of new images

Camera business - become a manager of Didi - young girl who wants to become a famous pornstar

My sex date: Eleanor - this time only a first promo image from it. 


Right now LWT expansion is our top priority - work is going smooth but the project is very complicated and I need a lot of time to complete it. I'm sure I'm not gonna finish it in July - expect release in August. But I can guarantee you that both Tracy and Lisa are worth waiting for. 


We're still rendering Tattoo girl. It's gonna be soooo masive.
Also we've just completed locations (backgrounds) renders for our next game.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

About incoming projects - June update


The beginning of June was rather busy - release of the Eleanor expansion Asking for more and then Almost noble hero.

I'm happy that you like our latest RPG game - thanks to your feedback we've decided to continue RPG themed games in the future. Both in the fantasy setting as well as in the science fiction reality.

About new projects - as always we simultaneously work over GOLD, SEX AND GLORY and FREE games.


Our next free game will be the science fiction project mentioned couple of time ago - release is planned on the second half of July.

After that we will surprise you with :

Redesigned idea of our camera business game:

Divided heart - small relationship simulation about guy called Pierce, struggling between love to his wife Camila and passion to a very young tennis instructor.


With the first days of July I start to develop Living with Temptation expansion. It's complicated project and I'm starting to think, that I won't be able to complete it in July - but we will see. Some images from it:

After this expansion we will continue our work with City of Love, mentioned couple of weeks ago. And there are other amazing projects waiting... 


Yamyoda is working hard to complete all renders for Tattoo girl but this game is just so enormous that... he just need a little more time. Some new images below.

After the release of this game, we will chill the temperature in your room and rise your heartbeat by 100%. But right now... I'm forbidden to tell anything more.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Almost noble hero - free game

Today we've just launched our first RPG game called Almost noble hero.

Your feedback concerning this game would be more than appreciated - it took as very long time to develop it and then balance. Let us know if you would like to see more games like this in the future.

Game is available for free here:

Later this week we will present information about our incoming projects.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Eleanor - asking for more

Proud to announce that today we launched a new expansion to our Eleanor game.

New expansion includes:

- 10 additional alluring sex scenes: threesomes, BDSM, lesbian, voyeur and more
- A new location - garden: you can watch Eleanor wearing her super sexy bikini
- Improved sex animations - 2x smoother than before
- New bonus images for completing the game
- 3 new endings that make the story even more complete

Eleanor's life is now enriched with new dramas and opportunities to cheat on her husband even harder. Control her actions and decide if she is willing to risk her reputation and perform in a porn movie, or maybe pay for the mistakes from her high school times and involve herself in a BDSM threesome with one of her old enemies. 

There will be a lot of temptations, and it is up to you whether you can resist them or not... and whether you will wake up with a stranger’s cum on your lips. 

Oh, wait, maybe you are the sentimental type and you will choose the loving wife path, instead? Then you can revive your neglected garden and invite your husband for a romantic drink surrounded by nature, or make him love you so much that he will invite you to an amazing weekend trip… during which you can express your love by giving him an erotic show with a sexy female tourist, so close to him he will almost be touching the both of you.

You can meet Eleanor again here:

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Plans for June


June 2014 would be very busy for us.
Just at the beginning of the month we plan to launch our expansion to Eleanor game. The game is almost completed - still requires some testing and balancing the stats. I'm sure that every Eleanor fan would be pleased with it - it contains enormous number of sex scenes and hot wife is dirtier than ever.

Some new images below.

After Eleanor we will present you our first true fantasy RPG game (free). It took us very long time to develop this format cause this type of a game is much more complicated than the standard erotic adventure games.

And about My sex dates. Tracy won with the most number of votes. As I mentioned in comments before, YamYoda (visual artist responsible for Justin's wife) is currently very busy with other super secret projects and he isn't able to start rendering the game in the nearest future. So I offered to invite to our date another character, Eleanor, who took 3rd place (after Tracy and Lisa).

When we will be ready, Tracy will show up, so don't worry about her. More about her and Lisa - both girls almost completed the shots for the expansion. Estimated release date - July.

Monday, May 12, 2014

May update


First of all I want to say that I'm very glad that you like our latest game - My sex date Paula. Despite the fact, that rendering POV is a pain in the ass it's indeed looking very impressive. And there is a question for you - which of female LOP gold characters should be invited into a date like this? Please post some propositions in the comments and then I'll give you a possibility to vote in a poll - the girl who win will be featured in the next "My sex date" game.

I guess that in June we'll launch a fantasy game - this project is gonna be complicated cause we will use different kind of game mechanics there - regular adventure model, RPG battles and character progression / equipment management system. But I'm sure of one thing - it's gonna be awesome.

New visuals below:

After that prepare yourself for a dystopian reality game. You'll be playing as a guy called Smoke, who wakes up in bed with breathtaking girls at his side but... he doesn't remember how does she get there... the whole previous day is a mystery for both of them. Did their memory was wiped out on purpose by someone else? If yes, why?

As I mentioned before in comments to Paula, the first in line is update to Eleanor - this game is planned to be launched at the end of May / beginning of June. Expansion will contain new location and a lot of new sex scenes - both romantic and more passionate ones. Some new visuals below.

After that we will offer you a tattoo services - take a look at Charlotte - she is already practicing her skills.

I'm still waiting for a complete artwork to Living with temptation expansion so this project will be released after those two.